It should, perhaps, comes as no surprise that food blogs left and right were churning out the most decadent, mouth-watering pies this week. The pictures, the recipes — I was a drooling, bookmarking-crazed mess with it all. You guys — all of you, posting about these irresistible pies — you’re killing me! But only in the tastiest way. I did also manage to find some delicious sounding and looking healthier recipes, and tried out some workouts that actually killed me, so hopefully this has turned into a well-balanced collection of links.

And if you don’t find yourself dreaming day and night of over-the-top pies after this, I may have to question whether or not you’re actually human.

This Week on Floptimism:

Monday, November 25th: Healthy Parfait Recipe Round-Up
Wednesday, November 27th: #WIAW 32: A Week of Snacks & Dessert
Thursday, November 28th: Holiday Tips to Stay On Track (these work equally well for all holiday gatherings, not just Thanksgiving, so check it out for the winter holidays, too!)

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream via @Floptimism

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What I’ve Pinned This Week:

Image from How Sweet Eats

Custom-Fit Copper Kitchen Aid Bowl — So a $300 bowl that is exclusively used for stabilizing whipped egg whites…that’s probably one of those unjustified expenses, right?
No one will ever be you.
33 DIY Gift Ideas — Great list! My goal in life is to be super crafty like this.
HIIT Like a Girl Workout — I felt like death after this one!
(Oh, and then there’s also round two!)

What I’ve Bookmarked This Week:

Pumpkin S’mores Pie — No, this isn’t déjà vu. Last week I also posted about a pumpkin s’mores tart. This one, it’s totally different. I had to save them both!
Carrot & Red Lentil Soup – My love for creamy cream-less soups knows no bounds.
Buttermilk Pancake Ice Cream — Umm, I may or may not have had pancake parties with my friends in high school, and they may or may not have involved ice cream. So now I may or may not definitely need to make this, like, now.
Almond Joy Pie — Whhaaaaaattttttt! How does this exist??
Pumpkin Tiramisu — These pies, they’re killing me this week! (/ ok, this is not really pie, but it’s shaped like one, and it’s killing me, so it counts.)
Salted Caramel Apple PieMore pie!
Pumpkin Cheesecake Mousse — With Greek yogurt, my love! I will try putting Greek yogurt in basically anything.

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What have you been loving lately?
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