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Although two weeks of Sunday silence is not the best indication of this, I have actually been really into this Sunday Food Prep concept. I did try it once last week without sharing with you, mostly because it was meant to be this epic weekend-long endeavor of cooking dried beans and then making dinner for three nights all in one day…and then I forgot to soak the beans, so I couldn’t prep all the dinners, so I really just wound up with this:

Beans & Lasagna Prep via @Floptimism

Overcooked beans and lasagna. Not much of a Sunday food prep, right?

Sunday Food Prep #2 via @Floptimism

Last Sunday, I got my act together, upped the ante, and even remembered to snap a quick photograph before the sun sank fully behind the rolling hills state thruway outside my apartment window. I held off on prepping all of the breakfasts I did on my first Sunday Food Prep, mostly because I realized quickly that yogurt + certain ingredients + days of refrigeration is just not good in the chemistry department. (Did you know Kiwi can go sour? It can. Take my word for it – it totally can.) Here is what I did prep, though:

Sunday Food Prep #2 via @Floptimism

My kitchen was left in much less disarray after this food prep adventure, and I’m learning what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to making things ahead of time. It’s best, for example, to get the labor intensive things out of the way — think chopping vegetables, cooking ingredients that you’ll need as the base for recipes (sauces, stocks, beans), and simmering grains that maybe take a bit longer to fluff up. It’s also great to assemble items that benefit from some mingling time — overnight oats, bean or grain salads (or sturdier salads that can withstand marinating in dressing for several days, like a kale salad), mostly. Casseroles and burgers/patties can also easily be made and either refrigerated (for use within a few days) or frozen (for longer storage) until needed. More delicate combinations are best left pre-prepped; for example, you can chop up an orange in a tupperware container and simply scoop plain Greek yogurt in the night before or morning of, or you can assemble a salad but put ingredients that you want to stay crunchy (seeds, homemade croutons, crackers) in a separate container. And definitely keep those sliced kiwis away from the yogurt. Trust me on that one.

Do you do big food prep days? What do you find helpful?

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  3. Every now and then i have a Sunday (or Saturday) where I do a TON of food prep, but for me, it’s usually just like two or three dishes because I tend to eat leftovers all week and be totally satisfied with that, hah! Today though, I did make a 4 Cheese Cauliflower Bake (which was super delicious, and I don’t even like cauliflower usually…) and hard boiled some eggs (i must eat 2-3 dozen each week!).

    • I work late 2 days a week and L cooks once, so I usually only need to prep 2-3 dishes and we have leftovers for lunch throughout the week. And I mean, I’m a big cauliflower fan, but pretty much 4 cheese anything sounds like a winner to me! The picture on Facebook looked delicious!

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