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There is the slightest chance that I am a long-standing resident of La La Land, and it has resulted in a faux-pas that I have been called out on (graciously), and that I am now calling myself out on in order to attempt to make things right. To all of the bloggers whose content I have shared on my Weekend Wrap-Ups in the past, I owe you an apology. Specifically, this apology is meant for all of the bloggers whose breathtaking photographs I have used to enhance the visual appeal of my Weekend Wrap-Ups. Although I never took credit for the images, I also never gave any of you the opportunity to say that you would rather your images not be included. To be certain, I never chose an image from a website that prominently displayed a disclaimer that they did not want their images used elsewhere, and I would have removed any content in the blink of an eye if anyone had approached me with any concern. But retrospective actions to correct what should never haven taken place at all is not how I want to run this blog. This Weekend Wrap-Up series is meant to respect, pay hommage to, and spotlight all of the amazing talents of others, and I have, unknowingly, violated them instead.

Clearly, the format of Weekend Wrap-Ups needs to change. I may feature an image now and again, if a blogger makes it clear that they’re ok with their images being used with credit, but more likely than not they will begin to resemble the similar posts that other bloggers create — How Sweet It Is’ Currently Crushing On, Two Peas and Their Pod’s This and That, Brown Eyed Baker’s Weekend Dish.

Just a head’s up as to why things look a little bit different around here!

This Week on Floptimism:

Chicken Cacciatore Ravioli Stew via @Floptimism

Monday, February 17th: Cranberry Pork Tenderloin
Thursday, February 20th: Thirty Minute Thursday: Chicken Cacciatore Ravioli Stew

French Bread Pizza via @Floptimism

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Most Pinned Post: Thirty Minute Thursday: French Bread Sausage Pizza
Most Tweeted Post: Cranberry Pork Tenderloin
Most Popular Post on Facebook: The Broccoli vs. Kale Campaign

What I’ve Pinned This Week:
This way-too-adorable cookie monster cake,
and this Van Gogh cake — 2 of my favorite things, combined!
Some quotes, like this one about finding the beauty in life,
and being present.
Breathtaking Beet Burgers.

What I’ve Bookmarked This Week:
Chocolate-Peanut Butter Brownies — Aren’t they dreamy looking??

Blog Posts & Articles I’m Loving This Week:
The 18 Best Things About Being In Your Late 20s (Cosmopolitan) — Does 24 (and a half!! In 2 days…) qualify as being in your late 20s? Cause I totally relate to every single one of these.
100 Happy Days — This is what Floptimism is all about. Started this on February 19th — will you join me?

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What have you been loving lately?
(Links welcome!)

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