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I can’t tell which I’m more excited for: the Oscars, aka a chance to ogle pretty/sometimes questionable gowns and applaud movies I have not yet seen but probably may possibly get around to watching… eventually… OR the hundredth snowpacalypse of the year. Oh no, wait, I know exactly which of those 2 things I am more excited for (hint: it does not involve mittens, salt-stained boots, or my Elmer Fudd hat). no matter, there are lots of other things I am also excited for – namely, the many wonderful links that I’m sharing today!

This Week on Floptimism:

Strawberry Ice Creignets via @Floptimism

Sunday, February 23rd: Sunday Food Prep #2
Tuesday, February 25th: The Real Milky Bun: Strawberry Ice Creignets
Thursday, February 27th: Thirty Minute Thursday: Rio Grande Spice Rub Fillets

Chicken Cacciatore Ravioli Stew via @Floptimism

Most Popular Post: Thirty Minute Thursday: Peppered Parmesan Popcorn
Most Tweeted Post: Thirty Minute Thursday: Chicken Cacciatore Ravioli Stew
Most Popular Post on Facebook: you have the power.

What I’ve Pinned This Week:
This guide to house plants — for people like me who, as Jessica put it, have a black thumb.
Speaking of green, a nutritional/flavor guide to the leafy stuff.
Reason #I-can’tcount-anymore why Ben & Jerry’s = The Bees Knees.

What I’ve Bookmarked This Week:
Proof that there can never be too many cinnamon bread recipes.
Basically the only type of cocktail you’ll convince me to bookmark. Hint: it involves chocolate.
This pillowy baked ricotta recipe that I would like to simultaneously take a nap on and devour, please.
These baklava muffins (/naked cupcakes/I don’t care I need to try making them now.)
Stuck-pot rice that reminds me how amazing the right rice dish truly is.
Breakfast that tastes like cake batter.
Chocolate Chip Apricot Hazelnut Cookie Slices with also maybe crystallized ginger oh boy.
This “Not All Calories Are Created Equal” Granola.

Blog Posts & Articles I’m Loving This Week:
More food I could nap on. Seriously.

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What have you been loving lately?
(Links welcome!)

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  1. Thanks for including my Skinny Funfetti Cake Batter Oatmeal Jessica! :) Have fun watching the Oscars, and I hope you stay warm and survive all of the snow too!

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