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I’ve done something cuh-razy, and done away with Weekend Wrap-Ups. Kind of. Really, I just decided I’d rather call them something else. I thought “loving lately” sounded really catchy and witty, until I googled it and promptly realized that about a half bajillion other bloggers also thought it sounded really catchy and witty. So this week, I bring you the first edition of “love, in this moment.” Maybe next week it’ll be called something else. Maybe one day I’ll actually settle on one idea and not flit around like a wanderlust butterfly. Maybe. But until then, these are the blog-o-sphere links that I’m loving (lately), in this moment, now. Or something.

pinterest love.
Reason #I-lost-count why I really have no excuse not to work on my food photography asap.
I now want to add savory spices to otherwise sweet foods.
The solution to my I-can’t-food-prep-a-week-of-lunches-without-them-going-bad-before-I-eat-them problem.

bookmark love.
This greek yogurt frosting. Oh, and also: while we’re on the subject.
More greek yogurt love, plus chocolate. Bonus points!
Tofu “ricotta” — must. try. immediately.
These, because I’ve never met a sweet potato I didn’t love.
The concept of a nourish bowl. Super yum!
Another way to devour chickpeas, be still my heart.
I just can’t quit you, chickpeas.
This salted caramel & macadamia pull-apart bread WHAT.
Anything that shoves breakfast into a cookie!
This decadent, total dessert pb chocolate chip granola.
These grain-free gingerbread waffles use plantains instead of flour. Weird ingredients = I’m in love.
This meyer lemon & thyme ice box cake aka SPRINGTIME.
This genius way to use hemp seeds, because I bought a bag of hemp seeds bigger than my head.
And this vegan parmesan “cheese.” I’m such a wannabe vegan (minus giving up honey sometimes) (minus giving up Greek yogurt) (minus not being 100% sure how I feel about coconut oil) (minus sometimes I really just want a juicy grass-fed burger). Soo basically…

blog and article love.
The grass is greener where you water it. (The Art of Simple)
A beautiful mess. (Allison Vesterfelt)

What recipes, links, and articles have been catching your eye?

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